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Welcome to Creative Relationship Center! Here at CRC, we know that next to time, relationships are the most valuable commodity we have. We want to help you be the best you can be in a partnership and without.

Whether you are struggling with an intimate relationship, your children, your family or your co-workers, we can help you learn the skills to overcome your fears and learn to communicate better in order to have a healthier, more fulfilled life. 

So whatever RELATIONSHIP STAGE you are in, we are here to help!

To your healthiest relationships,

Wendy B. Pegan,  MSEd, LMHC, NCC



Online Scheduling

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  • COUNSELING SESSIONS - in-office or Skype

    • First Visit $225

      This is an intake session before we decide what services are right for you. All first assessments must be pre-paid.


    • Individual $135

      Individual appointments can be booked weekly , bi-monthly or monthly. For those struggling with anxiety,depression or relationship issues.

    • Couples $150
      For couples, married or not, who want to invest in keeping their relationship alive and healthy. All couples appointments are 75 minutes.
    • Couples Extended $225
    • EAP

    • Divorce Reconsidered TM

      A wonderful investment program for couples who are turning back to their marriage as valuable resource for happiness, success and satisfaction.

      Done in retreat style, Divorce Reconsidered is wonderful way to open up and learn about yourself and your partner in a weekend style program geared to create or recreate the depth of commitment and love partners seek in each other.  

    • Couples on the Brink Intensive $1,200

      This program are for couple who are trying to decide whether or not to end their marital commitment. It is a big step and not one to take lightly. Here you will participate in 3 -5 (2 hour) sessions. We will focus only on the issues of staying vs separating and how that will affect the two of you, your family and your futures. We are not doing therapy. Couples on the Brink is a proven success rate to help couples plunge forward into either Marital Mediation, Therapy or Divorce.

      The packaged cost is $1200.00


    • Business Mediation
    • Divorce Mediation
      We know that divorce is stressful and emotional. If you are considering a divorce or separation, we are in good hands with our mediation specialists. We work as a team of professionals in mediation, mental health, financial and legal to help you through the entire process.
    • Marital Mediation
      You are not the same 2 people who fell in love and married. Life changes and so do we, but is it worth giving up our history and future for? Rewrite your marriage vows...only put it in writing. A post-nuptial or a marital mission statement and mediated agreement will be in an enforceable format so you are clear as to the direction your relationship is headed.

    Go to website for registration of classes
    • Divine Feminine Womens Circle

      Become the woman you want to be! This is a powerful transitional opportunity for all women to learn what true giving means, how to set limits and boundaries and still be generous, kind and loving. The group meets for 6 weeks. Please check for times and dates.


      Learning about our power within is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

    • Divine Masculine Mens Group
      Representing a strong man is different today. It requires digging down deep into our souls, fighting our egos and becoming authentic. To do, this we have to battle our own demons of everything we have learned a man is supposed to be. This group is an opportunity to explore and grow so we can keep the women we love.

    These are for value conscious people you are committed to getting the most for their relationship, time and money. 
    • Pre-marriage Success Program
      Offering couples program for any couple who wants to invest in their relationship. Can be tailored to your needs.  This is a six session program that can be used up to one year.

    Couples will participate in an intensive or romantic retreat
    • Romantic - Make Your Marriage Matter tm
      A 3-day relaxing, yet working retreat for couples who want to invest in their relationship and keep it running smooth. Please keep watching for dates and times.



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